Talent Management

Talent management is a paradigm shift from conventional HR. While this shift may be very elusive, it is nonetheless a very important one. Talent Management requires a commitment from an organization to recruit and develop the most talented employees available. It comprises all of the procedures and methods that are related to hiring, training and retaining of the highest performing employees in the job market. It shifts the approach from hiring ‘the right person for the position’ to ‘hiring the best person for the position, the company, as well as future positions that may emerge.’ Research shows that employees prefer to join organizations that allow them the opportunity and freedom to grow personally and professionally. As it is highly attractive to prospective employees, organizations today are increasingly adopting a Talent Management strategy. PRC offers its client organizations the following services:

  • Recruitment planning
  • Job description development
  • Job post writing and recruiting location placement for the posting
  • Application materials review
  • Phone or online screening interview
  • In-house interviews that can involve multiple meetings with many of your current employees
  • Credential review and background checking
  • Making the job offer to the selected person
  • Employee starting day and on boarding process
  • New employee welcome information and introductions
  • On-the-job training
  • Formal feedback systems such as performance management or an appraisal process
  • Ongoing employee development
  • Career planning and pathing

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